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Suburban Living in Laurel Heights

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This 4-bed, 3-bath house caught our eye with its $3,400,000 price tag and apparent room for 6-car parking. The exterior is charming with its lush front and back yards and BBQ-worthy grill space, but there's really not that much to love about this hulk. The inside has entirely too much wood paneling, and the unwarranted basement room is best suited for the Outset. The bathrooms are sorely in need of updating -- we haven't seen a frosted shower door since our days at the dorms. Mostly, we are very disappointed that the listed elevator is not pictured. Can we expect a chop for this 4,000 square foot abode? We think by Thanksgiving at the latest.
· 170 Commonwealth Ave [Redfin]

170 Commonwealth Ave, San Francisco, CA