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Solid Bones in Glen Park

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Looking to get in on the action in Glen Park? The $150k price drop on this 2-bed, 1-bath house might entice handymen in the audience with its "solid bones" on a sizable, (but awkwardly-shaped) lot between Holly Park, Billy Goat Hill and the Glen Park BART. At the current price of $649,000 the listing agent is really looking for someone who wants to put their back in to it and make this 1,118 sq ft home work for them. We definitely agree that the place needs a new kitchen, but from the looks of things it could also use a new bathroom, some landscaping in the terraced back yard and actual wood instead of the current faux-tastic flooring. The mirrored wall next to the full dining room definitely needs to go as well, but the stucco fireplace could maybe work with some southwestern redecorating. You could even put your Camaro up on blocks in the backyard parking pad, but as the listing states the curb cut used to access it may not actually belong to the property. Still, at $580 and change per square foot it's cheaper than comparably-sized Glen Park homes, but is it worth the sweat?
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- Contributor Andrew Dalton

292 Whitney Street, San Francisco, CA