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Corona Heights: Reagan Era Bachelor Pad, $1,075,000

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If your fancy runs to Reagan Era rather than Edwardian, this is the place, a three-bedroom, 2-bath condo in Corona Heights, fairly screaming "California Bachelor Pad" and even though there are no hanging plants, those three Akari hanging light fixtures will do just fine, thanks. The neighborhood's a charming jumble of San Francisco styles, and every time we drive by this building we think of Sea Ranch up the coast in Sonoma County. Well, maybe not every time, but it does have that angled redwood vibe, here organized vertically instead of horizontally and built into the side of a hill, plus the same bronze-anodized aluminum windows enshrined in the Sea Ranch building code. Trust us: bronze-anodized aluminum windows will come back someday. Stained glass did! Inside, big open spaces plus decks to enjoy the views south. It's the upper of two units, new to the market at $1,075,000, having sold in 2008 for $912,500. HOAs are a refreshing $48.86 a month. And yes, there's a sweet little grocery store a short walk away should you run out of Chablis.
· 490 Roosevelt Way [Redfin]