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Be the Talk of the Town by Purchasing a Slice of Presidio Heights

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3701 Washington has just hit the market with a price tag of $13,450,000. That's right, folks, $13,450,000 clams. This price has us considering if it's ever appropriate to have a Hendrick's martini before lunch. With that said, we believe that puts this property as the third most expensive single-family home currently on the open market in San Francisco. And it's only $550,000 shy of being the same price as 2698 Pacific.

If 3701 Washington looks familiar, it's probably because it was home to the 2006 Decorator Showcase. It's been on-and-off the market since then; once in 2008 with Tourettes-inducing asking price of $17,500,000 (no bites and delisted). Now it's back with a much more reasonable (yet still insane) asking price. The "superb Beaux Arts residence" is a 7-bed, 6.5-bath, 10,000-square foot home with a floor plan that covers 4-levels and a 2-level guest cottage. Since it was the 2006 SFDS house, the interiors reflect only the finest in materials and design. There's no denying you're buying into a plethora of opulence (and about 10,000 yards of silk taffeta window treatments).
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3701 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA