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$40,000 Off for Faux Finish Clusterf**k

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Was: $769,000
Now: $729,000
You Save: $40,000

The last time we checked in with 67 Richland was back in late August when it hit the market with an asking price of $769,000. Unfortunately the homeowners/listing agent didn't read our post, or they'd have noticed that we filed the property under our "That's Rather Hideous" category and clearly done something about it. We noted that with a couple dozen gallons of a paint the majority of this 2-bed, 1-bath home's problems could be fixed. Looks like the homeowners are sticking to their guns and keeping the giant faux water stain in the dining room (along with all the other wall disasters). Regardless, they've just chopped $40,000 off of the price. Think it'll sell, readers? Or are we looking at another chop?
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67 Richland Ave, San Francisco, CA