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Pacific Heights: Billionaire's Row 1920's Tudor

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It's not every day we get to peek inside a house on Billionaire's Row, that stretch of Broadway near Broderick and Lyon Streets with some of the grandest houses in town and more than a few of the world's richest occupants. The heady atmosphere of oil, software, and timber. We don't know how long 2808 Broadway has been on the market, but this 4-bedroom, 7.5 bath neo-Tudor brick and stone palace arranged around a courtyard is asking $25,000,000. It was built ensuite with its somewhat grander neighbor, 2800 Broadway, both 1927 by Willis Polk & Company, the successor firm to architect Willis Polk who died in 1924. And unlike the broad stokes that Polk might have used while alive, this pair of houses is discreetly plutocratic, taking elements from the Tudor-period Hampton Court of Cardinal Woolsey and Henry VIII, massing them under steep slate roofs and tall chimneys.

Inside, it's just as swell with plenty of room for your own royal court. Two wings connected by a long hall fronting on the interior courtyard. Gothic detailing, great views. Grand living room as expected, plus a pent-room with decks and hot-tub (sadly not pictured.) Three kitchens and two wet bars. Also our favorite household appliance, an elevator. Three storys in front and five in the back, looking out over Cow Hollow and the Golden Gate. Underneath it all a staff apartment for the various halberdiers, scullery maids and pages needed to run a place like this, but no mention of a garage.
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