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3 Tucker Ave is a $200,000 "Fixer-Upper" only a Hoarder Could Love

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This hidden cottage in sunny Visitacion Valley may not look like much from the street - well actually, between the creepy-neighbor fence they've got going and the slope of the hill, it's barely visible from the curb. Which probably explains why the 1-bed, 1-bath home looks like it would fit it better on wooded hill outside of Ukiah than tucked between the Little Boxes of the city's fringe zipcodes. It might also explain how the structure managed to slide into it's current "not habitable" condition. We're left to assume then, that when the listing says it's a "Fixer Upper" they actually mean the lot contains enough solid ground on which to build a proper house.

Aside from some possibly-salvageable details like knotted wood paneling and antique-looking stained glassed windows, the $200,000 asking price gets you a spattering of trees on a terraced lot with some actually decent views of San Bruno Mountain and whatever events happen to be going on at the Cow Palace. You'll forgive us if we seem a tiny bit surprised to learn that this thing is actually hooked up to public water, but that's one less hurdle a potential builder will have to get over before throwing up their own secret hideaway.
- Contributor Andrew Dalton
· 33 Tucker [Redfin]

33 Tucker Ave, San Francisco, CA