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Parking Out, Parklets In for Potential Masonic Ave Redesign

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City Planners, community members and cycle-activists met last night to discuss the fate of the recently-maligned Masonic corridor between Geary and Fell, and of course the bloggers were there to comment on the process. The meeting primarily focused on two final proposals for traffic-calming, cheerily dubbed "The Boulevard" and "The Gateway" and, in true design-by-committee spirit, were put together by the MTA, the planning department and the DPW along with community input from the previous two meetings.

Both plans intend to keep the traffic slowed to 25 MPH, but aesthetically-speaking the Boulevard offers a handsome tree-lined median (not unlike last year's renovations on nearby Divisadero), as well as an extra-wide, raised cycle track. The Gateway plan sticks to a concrete center island with a more standard painted bike lane which, according to some community members attending the meeting, still might not be enough to convince anyone to pedal the route. Perhaps even more notable than the possibility of new greenery along Masonic is that neither plan intends to allow for much parking, with the Boulevard plan doing away with it entirely. Also inevitable is the removal of the right-hand turn coming from Geary Eastbound to Masonic Southbound, which will be replaced by an 11,000 square foot parklet and public space that would give Hukilau on the corner plenty of room to stretch out their annual Luau.
- Contributor Andrew Dalton
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