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Pacific Heights: Spotless and Unsold Since 2008

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Was: $2,400,000
Now: $2,200.000

According to Redfin, this 3-bedroom/3-bath condo has been on the market since June of 2008, although in its current incarnation, only 162 days. The asking price has finally had a bit hacked off, although one wonders, "why now?" and "enough to generate much interest?" The bathrooms are original and pristine, but not exactly exciting. The kitchen elicits a yawn, but damn, it looks clean. The views are nice but there's better around this scenic town. And they haven't even bothered staging it. For which we may give thanks. Teensy terrace; in this case the use of the term "penthouse" seems to apply to the top floor rather than the roof-top structures or set-backs other people call penthouses. Good points, aside from appearing to be immaculate: two parking spaces and HOAs of only $624 a month. Looks like a classic spec Pacific Heights apartment house by H.C. Baumann building- big, boxy, with applied decoration- which is a good thing.
· 1880 Jackson Street #603
· H.C. Baumann [Classic SF Properties]