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$2.3M Castro Condo Features a Bed That Drops From the Ceiling

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Via SocketSite today comes word of a 2007 building in the Castro — a two-parter whose crown will officially go buyer-hunting soon at $2,295,000. The 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath condo spans three levels ("townhome-like"!) and was designed by Rodgers Architecture. Being one of a pair, the place does have modest HOA dues of about $101 a month. At somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 square feet too, it's a pretty spacious place — but if there are two magical things about 3975 19th St, they're 1) the "unique integration of indoor/outdoor space" (see: top-deck shag shack), and 2) that crazy bed that drops from the ceiling like the climax of some stage production. Except you sleep in it. (Our Socket friends call it Murphy 2.0). Cross your fingers, climb in, and hope the ceiling doesn't slurp you up while you slumber.

· 3975 19th St [Website, via SocketSite]