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Crooked Street Residents Love It There, Appreciate Tourist Love

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Let's cut straight to the answer for yesterday's crooked street 2-bed condo: $1,279,000. That makes our winners big dan and Drew Dillon, who tied with their guesses of $1.2 million. Most far out guess award goes to an anonymous guest who threw in "3 mil and 1." But maybe that's because some people would actually jump at the chance to live on this very special section of Lombard. Says jlasf: "I live on the Crooked Street and love it! It's so much fun and there are always unusual things happening. A couple of months ago, they closed the street to turn it into a giant Candyland board game. And the tourists are in a happy mood. I have my garage on the street and cars/people stop to let me out. It's like living on Main Street at Disneyland. In fact, as I pulled out of my garage, someone said, 'Oh, people actually live here!' "
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1025 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA