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Mission Bay Police HQ Will Ask for Money to Strut Its Staircase

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There's been movement for some time to get rolling on a new police headquarters in Mission Bay as a replacement for the Hall of Justice — now we've finally gotten our eyeballs on it! Above, via the Architect's Newspaper, is a rough rendering from architects HOK and Mark Cavagnero Associates. Located at Third St and Mission Rock in Mission Bay South, the new digs would continue filling in all that empty space — something that UCSF's currently working on with their medical center. Voters will be asked to pull the lever this June on a roughly $100 million city bond that would pay for the construction of the new headquarters, as well as a bunch of emergency service upgrades. The "Public Safety Building" will also house local police and fire stations, while the old fire station on the same block would be turned into a community meeting space. The architect's concept: keep the building "civic and inviting, not bunker-like and heavy." The center of the building will be partially transparent, revealing a "monumental interior staircase." Oh, and LEED Gold, of course.
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