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Dolores Blight Den Is Going All 'Unique' and 'Boutique' This Year

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The perp! Long have we known the broken-down crack house at Dolores and 15th. So blighted, so ruined. So... 13 condos. As we reported last September, the developer behind this turnaround project has opted to keep the old parsonage ("the perp" at 200 Dolores) rather than tear it down, and add a 10-condo building alongside it in the empty lot to the north. That would have the condo tally at 13, with one- and two-bedroom "unique, boutique residences," and one three-bedroom. Inside SF RE guesses prices at somewhere around the $1 million mark, and notes: "Smaller buildings with luxury finishes seem to be the trend these days, as those buyers willing and able to pay higher prices tend to prefer smaller buildings in well-established neighborhoods with limited development opportunity." Small is beautiful.
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