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Lennar's Doing All Its Dust-Busting Properly, Says EPA Report

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Lennar has gotten some vindication from the EPA, which has written a report saying the Hunters Point developer has effectively minimized asbestos exposure. A couple lawsuits and a $150k fine slapped on the company had basically said otherwise, threatening to put a stop to construction for the megaproject out by the Bayview. According to the Chron, the report draft is also a vindication for the Gav, who was "hounded on the campaign trail" recently by a Nation of Islam minister for the nearby residents supposedly being sickened by the alleged asbestos. Gavin's main man on developments, Michael Cohen, contends that the guy hasn't been able to generate a "single shred of reputable scientific evidence" that people were getting sick — though residents nearby are still skeptical that everything's on the up and up. In any case, the report says there's "no reason to suspend or stop the construction project," so the bulldozers will probably continue as usual, with a copy of the EPA report tucked under every driver's arm.
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