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Academy of Art University Might Get Slapped With a Lawsuit

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San Francisco's own art school/real estate concern, the Academy of Art University, could end up getting sued by the city for its various and apparently never-ending code violations. The Planning Commission threw a fit last November over the way the institution gobbled up buildings and converted them to educational use, with apparent full knowledge that doing all that was against planning code. The commission also took the occasion to bring up all the other stuff the Academy's done in the past (something we hear one should never do in a lover's quarrel): dragging its feet on its master plan, and collecting all those sidewalk-blocking students. According to the Examiner, the city's deciding in a closed-door meeting this week whether to take the Academy to court for misbehaving. It might not have been worth the trouble before, but a former deputy mayor now says "outrage has built to the point where the city has got to act."
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