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Richard Neutra-Designed Duplex in the Marina for $3.95 Mil

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Consider it a rarity in these parts: a duplex designed by none other than Richard Neutra, modernism bigshot and onetime employee of Frank Lloyd Wright. A few years ago, best we can tell, Sunset magazine profiled 2056-2058 Jefferson St., a duplex in the Marina that was designed by Neutra for two doctors. The surviving wife of one of those doctors sold the building in 1993 to architect Chad Overway, who spent the next 10 years obsessively restoring it piece by piece. Out with the carpet and "outdated-looking" tiles, in with a minimalist kitchen, Neutra-replica chrome-frame chairs, and replica a stainless steel fireplace.The building has a four-car garage and two units: 2058 and 2056 Jefferson. The former: two levels, 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,530 square feet, and a "dramatic" roof terrace. The latter: 2 beds, 2 baths, and 1,724 square feet. And just to be neighborly, there's a dumb waiter that connects every floor from the garage. Asking price for this baby: $3,950,000.
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2058 Jefferson St., San Francisco, CA