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Whole Foods Gets Official Go-Ahead to Move Into Haight Cala Foods

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The Examiner reports that Whole Foods Haight "sailed through the Planning Commission" last night, with a unanimous vote in favor and no speakers in opposition. Contrast with the pitchfork and torch militia present at the last major hearing for approval of the Whole Foods project. This is, of course, the second iteration of the development — the first involving a full-on "smart growth," condo-laden building that developer Mark Brennan said neighbors should have "begged" to have built, and that later was canceled due to what Brennan called exorbitant city fees. Judging by the warm, if mellow, welcome for Whole Foods Haight 2.0, it could be that the neighborhood was really most amenable after all to a regular ol' auto-oriented grocery store. That's fine by Whole Foods, whose rep says, "You can get a lot more teamwork and cooperation with sugar than you can with vinegar." Plus, "it gets built a lot quicker this way." (ETA: between September and December.)
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