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San Francisco Bluffs, and Huge Sewage Pipe, in Danger of Erosion

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Pacifica's not the only one with bluffs falling into the sea: the SF Examiner reports that the erosion along the Great Highway south of Sloat Boulevard has gotten so bad that the bluffs have "retreated more than 70 feet from where they were in a 2007 assessment." We aren't talking about apartment complexes tumbling into the ocean, but there is one pretty unpleasant scenario— if the winter waves keep up through the season, then a "mammoth" sewage tunnel currently within 20 feet of the waves could be breached, causing 10 million gallons of poo to go roaring into the ocean. We'd have to check our surf reports, but that's probably bad news. A rock wall meant to rescue to the bluffs would be bad for the environment, say beach advocates, and would probably be "a waste of time and money. ... They're just throwing rocks into the ocean and hoping to change Mother Nature."
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