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City Would Like to Trade Eternal Entitlements for Non-Empty Lots

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Taking a cue from Chron reports on the city's weed-infested empty lots, Gavin & Co are readying legislation that would ostensibly solve two problems at once: 1) ensure developers' building entitlements, and 2) put those lots to some sort of beneficial or aesthetic use. The deal is, if developers follow a "standardized process to transform empty lots into spaces that are productive and beautiful," then they can keep their building entitlements — without having to worry about expiration dates and all that. According to arch critic John King, there's already a garden being prepped on an old Central Freeway lot between Oak and Page. But assuming the legislation takes off, the first real test could be at the site of The Californian at 375-399 Fremont (remember that?!). Developer Fifield would create a "farm" of street trees — like a Christmas tree lot, only you can't buy the trees. Rebar group, the people responsible for PARK(ing) Day, will also be involved.
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