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Medieval Torture in Noe Valley Takes the Axe to Its Asking Price

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Then: $1,395,000
Now: $1,195,000
You Save: $200,000, or not nearly enough!

The Noe Valley Castle, or former That's Rather Hideous beauty contestant, is now appropriately a player in Price Chopper too. We caught this sexy piece of battlement way back in March of last year, when we misreported a 2-bedroom going for $1.4 mil. That was actually the entire, two-unit building (whew!). One 2-bed unit rents for $2,150, and another rents for $2,100. We hear the sight lines for shooting arrows from atop those turrets are really priceless, though.
· 1151-1153 Castro St [Redfin]
· That's Rather Hideous: Noe Valley's Medieval Torture [Curbed SF]