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Someone Else Will Build UCSF's Neuroscience Center in Mission Bay

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UCSF Mission Bay's next ode to the medical sciences: the Neurosciences Laboratory and Clinical Research Building. The center, which will bring together scientists to study some of the top neural afflictions, "culminates a 10-year dream" for UCSF peeps, and will cost about $200 million. Yesterday, the UC Regents gave their approval to the building's funding plans: in a unique setup, it'll actually be built and owned by a private developer from whom UCSF will lease it. After a five-year campaign to raise $95 million through philanthropy, which should partially cover the costs of the building (fingers crossed!), UCSF will be able to claim ownership. Godspeed, doctors.
· UCSF Neuroscience Building to drive advances against brain diseases [UCSF]

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