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9-Story Saitowitz Building at 1600 Market Still Needs a Builder

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Last April the somewhat worn building at 1600 Market was shopping for a buyer, loaded up with plans for the nine-story Stanley Saitowitz design seen above. After eight months? Evidently no takers. The site's being shopped again — or still, depending on how you want to look at it — by Zephyr Real Estate for $3,100,000, cheaper compared to its April 2009 price by $95k. The property would be "delivered vacant and could be leased short or long term," but the point is really to go for the gold here and build the 36 residential units above. The site, at Market's intersection with Franklin and Page, is within the Market Octavia plan, which for the Market and Van Ness areas largely seeks to create higher densities of housing and mixed use. Voilà: 1600 Market... after someone buys and builds, anyway.
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