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'City Homes' on Valencia Take Modest Chops as Two Go Contingent

Then: $999,000
Now: $949,000
You Save: $50,000, or 5 percent!

The "City Homes" at 1495 Valencia St are a collection of eight luxury condos that debuted late-ish last year. Unit 4, the 3-bed 3-bath above, just got a tickle of a price chop a week ago, while another, Unit 2, received its own chop of $30k. The condos, which flog their two parking spaces per unit and "solar ready" designs, currently have two of their brethren listed in contingent status: Unit 3 and Unit 6, 2-bedroom units going for $739,000 and $899,000, respectively.
· 1495 Valencia St #4 [Redfin]

1495 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA