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Gold's Gym Planning to Build Upward, Possibly to Five Stories

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Just across the street from the building planned for the storied "hole in the ground," Gold's Gym in the Upper Market/Castro area's planning a project of their own. Citing a need for "additional services and elbow room," the owners are planning to expand the gym upward, while also developing a number of studios and "family-sized" apartments. The currently two-story building could expand to three under its current zoning, but one "rough" design, a five-story one whittled down from 100 napkin sketches, would need to either seek an exemption on the zoning, or ask that the Market Octavia plan be extended just a bit to allow the building to go up to 65 feet. The designs are the work of architect Lee Moulton, who works with the TSAO DesignGroup, and the project hasn't yet been submitted to the city.
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