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Trinity Place Apartments Going for $1,773 a Month Unfurnished

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As commenter localsonly pointed out yesterday, the "market rate" Craigslist ads for Trinity Place have begun to pop up. Looks like they're all going at a standard rate of $1,773 for what they're advertising as unfurnished "spacious 1 bedrooms," though judging by the photos, it seems they just might mean the studios that are more like junior 1-beds. The $1,900 advertised rate for a furnished studio might also bear that theory out — if we also include the fact that the "bedroom" in those photos looks much like the bedroom of the aforementioned "1 bedrooms." Meanwhile, Trinity Properties is still strangely marketing furnished studios in the old Trinity Plaza at $1,095 a unit, even as this week marks the beginning of the big tenant exodus to the Mission Street high-rise.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA