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Fort Mason 3-Bedroom Gets Chopped to a Dainty $6,750 a Month

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When we last heard from Quarters 4 South in Fort Mason, the 3-bed (and one "bonus"), 4-bath place had been newly refurbished and was doing the rental rounds asking for $7,500 a month. Though one commenter thought it was "worth every penny," others chimed in to say the area was overrun with "rats, raccoons, skunks, and homeless people." A National Park Service business manager defended the rate: "$7500/month rate is based on a fair market rent appraisal of this specific unit compared to similar units in the area. In the past 2 years we have had only 3 vacancies in our 20+ rental properties." Still! That was October, this is now: 4S Fort Mason has received a rental price chop to $6,750 a month, a 10 percent decrease, and is making the Craigslist rounds again. (Deposit: $7,400.) Better luck this time?
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Fort Mason

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