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Grant Building Hotel Project Is Actually More a Hostel Project

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That Grant Building project to fill in 1095 Market with a hotel, restaurant, nightclub, and rooftop garden/bar — it's actually a more youth hostel than hotel. But according to Simon Johnson, the guy behind 1095 Market Street Holdings LLC, the concept is really more a hybrid of a hostel and a boutique hotel: meant for backpackers, but "nice and clean," too — like "if IKEA was a hotel." The concept, which is supposed to roll in a restaurant and nightclub, will sort of end up pitting the hostel against the Mission's Medjool, at least for comparison's sake, since the latter also has a hostel and rooftop bar.

But Johnson says one big difference will be in the restaurant, which will be cheap and geared toward travelers. Given the whole backpacker angle, the developer's also not concerned at all about the lack of parking at the Grant Building — the site was chosen for its proximity to BART and Muni. The Chron also published a story about the project this past Saturday, noting the estimated cost for the renovation will be $16 million, but that ultimate cost and completion date are still unknowns.
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Grant Building

1095 Market Street, San Francisco, CA