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Contemporary House in Hayes Valley Boasts Special Catwalk Level

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On the MLS for going on two weeks now, the brand new 4-bed, 3.5-bath house at 124 Lily St in Hayes Valley is a product of local firm Topetcher Architecture*. It's got two decks, two tandem parking spaces, but no yard, given the lot's subdivision with adjacent 229 Oak. Asking price is $1,895,000, but it's also early in the game, and given a number of misgivings — no bathroom on the funky catwalk-dining level, to name one! — we might be seeing a reappearance on Price Chopper.
· 124 Lily [Website, via Inside SF RE and SocketSite]

*Update: Or not! Via comment below: "Please note that Topetcher Architecture was no longer involved with this project since the start of its construction. We are not the architect of record for construction or the subsequent design changes."

124 Lily St., San Francisco, CA