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Trinity Residents Start Moving This Week Into High-Rise Digs

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The moving trucks roll in this week for the move from Trinity Plaza to Trinity Place — the beginning of the end for the shabby Market Street former motel. The transfer of residents from the current apartment complex to the studio-laden high-rise was part of the development agreement for Trinity Properties, who agreed to keep rent rates the same for tenants who stick around long enough for the move. (The company has also said that the agreement has encouraged something of a gold rush of new tenants trying to lock in cheaper rates in Trinity Plaza before moving into the 24-story high-rise.)

We'd previously reported that Trinity chief Angelo Sangiacomo was planning to get a quick start on Phase II, the project's Market Street-facing section. Instead, reports the SFBT, they'll continue building westward along Mission with a 440-unit building — before they end of the year if all goes well with City Hall, they say. Renderings show no dainty building to the west of Phase I, so maybe they've broken it up a bit for Plan B.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA