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A Mysterious Proposal for Strand Theater Renovation, Residences?

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Presented as-is: a rendering, or rather a very detailed "massing model" of what looks to be residences on top of the Strand Theater at 1127 Market St. SocketSite posted this, and a couple more from different angles last week, apparently after they landed in the Socket inbox without explanation. According to a commenter on their site, the images belong to George Hauser, developer of Cubix and, alas, possible recent victim of harsh times — could be, then, that this Strand Theater proposal is long defunct. Which leaves this particular block of Market still pretty bombed out. But nearby, the Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan is kicking off (again!), just hot on the heels of some news about the Grant Building being restored and turned into a hotel.
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Strand Theater

1127 Market St, san francisco, ca