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Buddha Statue May Have Many Arms Outstretched in the Civic Center

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Just as those Civic Center tree hats (aka "The Upper Crust") are nearing the end of their life, a bigger art project's planned for the plaza in front of City Hall. Behold: a 15-ton, three-headed, six-armed Buddha statue, called, "Three-Headed, Six-Armed Buddha." We're fans of literalism too. The work was created by Chinese artist Zhang Huan, who appears to specialize in ginormous Buddha body parts. There's no guarantees on our benevolent many-limbed nirvana figure reaching the not too hallow grounds of the Civic Center, though — the SF Arts Commission has to raise $100K to ship the thing from Shanghai, and the parking garage roof will also have to be strong enough to withhold all that wonder. Time will tell if the Buddha's many arms shall caress our down and out friends in the plaza.
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Civic Center Plaza Garage

355 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 9102