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'Brain Surgeons' Will Probably Take Care of Evicted Seniors

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Last month, at the height of discussion about a "just cause" eviction measure, the Bay Area blog profiled a group of seniors facing eviction from a North Beach building — a building that's revisited in a recent CBS 5 report. According to the landlord's attorney, the evictions are out of economic necessity, since the take-home from the rents were barely enough to pay insurance on the building. Anyway, it's all good: "That's why we have families. If these people are as old as you say they are, then they have 2, 3 generations younger than them. I meet these people — you went to school with these people — they're brain surgeons. Okay? These are Asian Americans. They're smart, hard-working industrial people, addicted to the acquisition of real estate." Apparently confronted by the reporter with the boldness of his ethnic stereotyping, the lawyer agrees, with the caveat that "I'm just a private person, not a politician." So it's OK.
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