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Five-Story Project at Market, Noe, and 16th Moving Forward Now?

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Though local paper Castro Courier had reported that Upper Market's "hole in the ground" project at 2299 Market was on "indefinite hold" due to (what else?) financing issues, the Duboce Triangle Newsletter said in their most recent issue that the five-story, 18-unit project is actually rumbling forward. To wit, an application for development was submitted to the Planning Department in early November, and should now be moving along the entitlement assembly line. The building, whose team consists of developer Angus McCarthy and architects Ian Birchall and Associates, also has two spaces on the street level for retail, and 19 parking spots underground. About half a year ago, the Bay Area Reporter reported the team had begun meeting with neighborhood groups, and much talk was had over a rendering that depicted a hypothetical Apple store. 'Course, there was no word whatsoever that the iGiant was even interested, but anyway: Apple store Apple store Apple store! (The Apple's gone from the rendering now, if only not to get too distracting.)
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