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Gavin Announces a Do-Over for Stalled Mid-Market Redevelopment

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There was, at one time, a redevelopment plan for Mid-Market — one that died on the Board of Supes' table before ever getting approved. The supe for the area, Chris Daly, was at the time unsatisfied with the plan's affordability requirements. Today, however, Mayor Gavin announced a do-over of sorts for fixing up the area roughly between 10th and 5th streets on Market — also 2009's "neighborhood" of the year, if you'll recall. Gavin announced a new $11.5 million pool of low-interest loans to businesses to create a "cultural district" and tax incentives for historic restoration projects (hello Grant Building!). So what's going to make this time different from the last? "I don't know? Term limits?" Clever, says Daly, but the supe who killed the plan the first time around predicts that whoever succeeds his spot in the district will care just about as affordability as he does. Pending...
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