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Rec & Park: Stow Lake Boathouse Not in Danger of Yuppification

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As usual, SF Citizen has details on a neighborhood meeting — this latest, of course, about the proposed overhaul to the Stow Lake Boathouse. Rec and Park took the defensive a bit, listing a number of "myths" and "facts" about the embryonic project. Perhaps philosophically foremost (but third on the list) they say their primary goal in tweaking the boathouse isn't to increase cash flow. It's to "upgrade the condition of the Boathouse and to enhance the amenities provided to park users." Next, looking to Crissy Field's Warming Hut for inspiration, they're proposing an indoor/outdoor cafe, not a "white-linen table cloth" restaurant, and any new operator would forever be required to serve pink popcorn "and other traditional favorites." On top of all this, Rec and Park plans to keep the boathouse's "historic character" the same. So, really, almost nothing's changing. Whew.
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