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Developers Would Pay Fee Instead of Including Cheaper Apartments

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The decision in favor of an L.A. developer, allowing him to set his own rent rates, is headed toward killing affordable rental units in potential new developments here too, at least temporarily. In order to comply with state law, the Board of Supes has introduced legislation that would have developers pay a fee to the city, rather than be required to include affordable units in their rental projects — currently there's the option of including cheaper apartments, or of paying an in-lieu fee to the city. Until (or unless!) the original state law is amended to allow for cities to mandate a percentage of affordable units, that may very well be the way forward. Says the director of a tenant-advocacy nonprofit: "The impact of the decision is that less affordable rental housing is going to be built in jurisdictions like San Francisco until that [state] law is amended or set aside."
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[Image: L.A.'s Piero II, the development that started it all]