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Academy of Art Says Sorry, But Supes Aren't Hearing It Anymore

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The Academy of Art University got no break from the Board of Supes committee hearing yesterday — supe and former supe alike piled on the school for all its code violations. Former supes president Aaron Peskin showed up to say that "nobody else gets away with dragging their feet for the better part of the decade." Another supervisor more or less concurred: "I've been here for 10 years, and you've been a problem since I've been here."

As discussed when we caught the verbal spankings in November, the heart of the problem is the institution's apparently insatiable hunger for real estate in the city — snapping up buildings and converting them to academic use without permission, while depleting San Francisco's housing stock. University president Elisa Stephens sounded a contrite note when she said "we take full responsibility," but the Board of Supes Land Use Committee is going to submit them to quarterly reviews anyway. There's also the proposal from a longtime Academy of Art critic, who says the city could impose fees for its continued development. According to the SF Weekly, Stephens "scowled at (his) suggestions."
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