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Houseboats Open Their Doors Again, Oakland's Million-Dollar Condo

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MISSION BAY: Remember when Curbed went inside Mission Creek's houseboats last year? The Potrero Library Campaign's bringing the tour back for its second year, meaning another round of people gets a chance to go gawking at the inside of other people's houseboats (and some other homes in Potrero Hill). Tickets are $25 each or $40 a pair, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan 24. Email or call (415) 626-7512, ext. 107. [CurbedWire]

OAKLAND: The Ellington has sold Oakland's first million-dollar condo since October 2008 — a $1.1 million two-bedroom penthouse. There's also a second penthouse in escrow for $1.549 million. [Curbed Inbox]