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Transbay Transit Center Site Relaunches With Flythrough, Videos

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A relaunch of the Transbay Transit Center website that's been at least a few months in the making has hit the web today, with a ton of renderings and videos under its arm. First and foremost, there's the video we featured last month that animation company Steelblue had quietly posted online in April of last year. Then there are galleries featuring renderings (old and new!) of the transit center itself, and of the 5.4-acre park on top. Last but not least, an interactive flythrough of the entire Transbay development area features short animations on the respective visions for Folsom Street, the 1.1-acre Transbay Park (bounded by Beale, Tehama, Main, and Clementina), the skyline (love the mound), and the Temporary Terminal (and the buildings that go in after it gets dismantled).
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