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Violence Prevention Center in Presidio Goes Classy, Glassy Route

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The Presidio saw a groundbreaking Friday of a center for the Family Violence Prevention Fund. The event brought the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Nicole Kidman to the Main Post, which only half a year ago was still mired in bad vibes from all that art museum talk. The opening of the Disney Museum on the Main Post grounds, however, speaks to the new way forward for Presidio architecture: restore an old building, and if you have to add anything, make it glass. Local firm BAR Architects are the designers for this project, which will run an $18.2 million tab turning Building 100 into the fund's official headquarters.
· S.F. nonprofit starts work on $18.2M presidio HQ [SFBT]

Building 100

Montgomery St & Bliss Rd, San Francisco, CA