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Rendering Reveal: Lots of Moving Parts On Octavia Boulevard

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Given last week's Proxy— the temporary retail/restaurant shantytown destined for those empty lots in Hayes Valley— it's only appropriate that the adjacent lots get a fix-up from the same architects. Envelope A+D had actually won the competition a couple years back, and the pictures they put out to capture that prize are available on the SF Prize site. With their design, Placeworks Development and Chabot Partners will fill in the two parcels on the east side of Octavia between Fell and Oak streets— both left fallow by the removal of the Central Freeway, and the "two trickiest sites," in one estimation. Maybe that's why the building's all games and puzzles: it's comprised of several "basic cellular units," which can stay separate or aggregate to create larger units, either horizontally or vertically (up to four units!). And check those folding louvers outside for endless family fun! Just keep in mind that it'll be many a year before the money pipes start flowing again for construction; that's what the Proxy thing's all about in the first place.
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