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South Beach Power Pad Has Lots of Gratuitous Awesome

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Once upon a time (2005), a "creative visionary and former NYC magazine executive" (swoon!) worked with architects Sheahan+Quandt to conjure up a "dazzling one-of-a-kind custom built luxury live/work condo" at 164 Townsend. The result: 4,000 square feet of private CEO power parties and gratuitous indoor golfing. The "celebrity-quality" $3.8 million unit's not on the listing service yet, and why should it be? It's too good for all the riffraff out there with their grubby paws and their dirt-caked keyboards. Bullet points: five skylights; "spa like bathrooms," two with tubs, one with shower; two (!) hidden dishwashers, "roof rights" to 1,700 square feet of deck/structure space, two-car parking, and— extravagance for extravagance's sake— air conditioning.
· 164 Townsend [Website, via Inside SFRE]