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Neighbor Stands Up for 45 Hallam: That's Not Really Its Face

Always happy to learn a lesson or two from wise commenters. Lesson No. 379: Wherein we learn the story behind 45 Hallam St., and how it's not really the hideous thing we think it is. The response comes after a post where we admire the nice, if unexciting, interior of 45 Hallam St— then discover what seems to be its eyeball-shocking exterior. Writes debthekid:

The picture is misleading. 45 Hallam is behind the blue door and has nothing to do with the facade that is shown which is indeed part of the same condo complex. These condos were built by mcdonald as an example of using space to make affordable housing. In 1989 they were a steal and they were and still are quite innovative and have the cheapest HOA dues you can find in SF. No kidding... $80 a month. And yes he is a major player in bridge architecture & construction. The proportions are surprising in a major city and humanizes it a little bit as they are as close to a free standing domicile you can get while still being part of a condo association. These are just observations as I have lived across from them for over a dozen years and known many of the tenants and there has been quite a turnover. McDonald still owns a couple of them.
That's this Monday's lesson... and props for registering a commenter account with which to school us, debthekid. · That's Rather Lov— Oh Wait, That's What It Looks Like? [Curbed SF]