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Tonga Room Calls Architectural Historian to the Stand

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Forgive us for hitting J. King twice in a day— it was a long weekend— but his column today on the somehow-even-more-happening Tonga Room hits on a long unanswered question around these here parts. That is, what exactly makes a building "historical" anyway? The kitschy tiki bar Tonga Room, whose future is threatened by a plan to condo-fy the Fairmont Tower, has enjoyed an ironic return to the Friday night scene, and now, now, a well-placed history consultant writes: "Built at the apex of the Polynesian Pop style ... the Tonga Room represents a highly evolved and rare example of the so-called 'High Tiki' style in San Francisco, and California as a whole. The entire space is 'architectural' as opposed to mere applied ornamentation." Fascinating.
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Tonga Room

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