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CurbedWire: Monopoly Hits All of Google Maps

A VIRTUAL NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU: Starting tomorrow, Monopoly City Streets, a limited-time online free version of the board game, will allow armchair real estate moguls to buy and sell their favorite properties, across all of Google Maps: "The Monopoly City Streets instant-play online platform brings Monopoly to life by letting competitors play with the actual streets that are special to them. including their very own neighborhood, town or city. Or, players can choose to set up their property empire in a city where they would like to own property." [Curbed Inbox]

YERBA BUENA: The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition honors its Housing Heroes later this month in Yerba Buena East Garden. "SFHAC recognizes exceptional individuals with the Housing Hero Award for their commitment to creating, advocating, and promoting housing solutions for ALL San Franciscans. We acknowledge and celebrate their contributions towards helping solve our City's housing crisis." This year: the city's two top planning commishes. 5-7 p.m. Sept. 23. [Curbed Inbox]