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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup: Eminent Domain, Ego Library

1) Hugo Hotel Starts Court Battle, Furniture's Fate Hangs in Balance: "This one building has given the South of Market Redevelopment Agency little choice but to pursue eminent domain rights in order to move forward with its goal of improving the Sixth Street corridor. The building is not safe, has no interior, no historic relevance, no architectural interest other than the exterior furniture. I can't believe it's still there!"

2) North Beach Triangular Library Doomed By Bad Feng Shui: "This rebuild appears to be little more than an attempt to max out the budget and assuage egos. Renovating the existing library means: a project that is more green, less tax dollars spent on the project, more library space, retains the triangular lot as an open space park(which is why the city got the lot in the first place), and keeps busy Mason Street open and traffic off of residential streets. The city has done just about everything wrong with this proposed new library."

3) NoPa's Harding Theater Condos Return With a Vengeance: "That facade is historic like Phyllis Diller's facade is historic."

4) Whoa: Hayes Green Lots Getting Juiced With Temporary Retail: "Yes, our country has become third world. We can't even build real stuff anymore. It's all fancied shanty town shacks from here."

5) That's Rather Lov— Oh Wait, That's What It Looks Like?: "C'mon, while that exterior is a bit hideous, it's still oddly appealing; kind of similar to an endearingly ugly child."