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Rumblings & Bumblings: Esrik Cleaners, 350 Divis

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PAC HEIGHTS: Boarded up for months and only a few feet away from the "revitalized" Fillmore, Esrik Cleaners at 2429 California St shows no sign of reopening. Or no sign of anything, really: all of the permits posted on the plywood have either expired or are almost entirely blank. Who's minding the shop over there, anyway?

LOWER HAIGHT: A reader writes, "I've been watching the slow transformation take place at 350 Divisadero (between Oak and Page), yet there have been no hints as to what will be opening at this address. Perhaps a store or restaurant?" Building permit says the former pot dispensary shall become... "health studios & gym"! Small gym, if you ask us. Update: specifically a boxing club. (Thanks, guest!) [Curbed Inbox]