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Background Check: Two-Thirds of Pier 27 Team Is Scandal-Free

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So, what do we know about Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz Architects, Pfau Long Architecture, and Bermello Ajamil & Partners? The Department of Public Works named all three partners in the $86.5 million Pier 27 cruise terminal project. Both KMD and Pfau Long are familiar to the city: the former has a vision for fixing the Civic Center's beigeness, and the latter designed the recently opened SPUR Urban Center. But Miami-based Bermello Ajamil & Partners, brought on as the cruise consultant, is new to San Francisco. Here's the interesting part! BA&P was involved in a billing scandal in its hometown over construction of another cruise ship terminal. They were also involved in a questionable hiring scandal in 1994. And they made out like bandits in an airport-design scandal in which they were paid most of the $1 million bill they charged to design a terminal that proved impossible to build. We trust everything will be just fine with Pier 27.
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