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Don Fisher, Father of Ill-Fated Presidio Museum, Dies at 81

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Don Fisher, art collector and founder of Gap, died this past weekend after a long battle with cancer. The San Franciscan and founder of the global clothing brand has been known recently more for the museum he was proposing for the Presidio's Main Post. He eventually withdrew his proposal, and just two days before he died, it was revealed that he would instead show his 1,100 pieces of modern art at the SFMOMA. The turn of events was stunning— the outcry over his white-box museum proposal was equal parts long and harsh, though it seemed for more than a few moments that the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio would actually get built in spite of vehement protests and unfavorable impact analyses. When Fisher, who was once a member of the Presidio Trust, abruptly called it all off in July, the future home of his collection seemed in doubt. But with his art headed toward custodianship at the SFMOMA now, the Chron notes that "one (of) his most ardent wishes concerning his public legacy — the prominent, and local, display of his artwork — will be fulfilled."
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