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Citadine's Sales Pitch Primed, Buyers Invited to "Polk Village"

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Citadine at Bush and Larkin has just filled out their website with photos and copy, launching their push to move the 26 luxury units. The staged photos look decent, if a bit difficult to reconcile with the building's exterior. Then there are the words describing the strange transitional space Citadine occupies: "perched at the junction of Nob Hill and Polk Village" (how cute!) and "appealingly hip, chic, and quirky." Or as our own commenters have said: "the edge of the Tenderloin," and "so awkward." Units are ranging from $495,000 for a 1-bed, 1-bath to $1,669,000 for a 3-bed, 2-bath, according to SocketSite. And lest the buyer balk: the site has a laundry list of links citing "pundits and economists" who say the market has bottomed out. "The question is no longer when you should buy in order to ride the market back up. The question is what you should buy." And that what is Citadine.
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